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Why Click Metrics Are Dead in the World of Online Journalism

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10 million page views! 70% Click-through from FB! 500 K unique visitors! 300 K regular visitors! So what? ‘Click Metrics are dead, long live Time based Metrics!” Click-based metrics have historically been used by marketers and editorial decision makers as proxy for expressed interest in an article or newspaper sub-section. The simple fact is that […]

Web Analytics How To: When to use eVars and s.props in SiteCatalyst


SiteCatalyst reporting capabilities generate over 150,000 report combinations and it allows you to you analyse all aspects of visitor activity which makes it one of the most advanced web analytics solutions available in the market today. One of the fundamental things you need to understand about SiteCatalyst is the difference between an s.prop and an […]

We Discovered a Reporting Error in Google Analytics Without Even Realising It


We discovered a reporting error in the Google Analytics platform without even realising. The platform is now fixed! We were pulling client reports in Google Analytics Premium and began to notice a reporting error in the “All Campaigns” view in the Campaigns report. When we clicked on a campaign, it would gives a view broken […]