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Veda backs Datalicious as it invests in new data-driven marketing solutions

Datalicious expansion and productisation gets backing from Veda. Veda, Asia-Pacific’s leading provider of consumer and commercial data intelligence and insights, today announced their support of the product expansion of Datalicious, the industry leading data-driven digital marketing agency. Following a $1 billion valuation after their IPO in December 2013, Veda invested in Datalicious in early 2014 […]

Datalicious brings data driven marketing to Philippines and South-East Asia

Datalicious expands marketing and products and services to South-East Asia; launches office in Philippines. Datalicious, an industry leading data driven marketing agency, today makes a play for SE Asia’s digital industries as it opens office in the Philippines. With strong internet growth and growing smart phone adoptions, businesses in the Philippines are perfectly placed to […]

Top Tools for Data Research & Building Insights

Finding the right tools for data research and how to get insights from the research. Data! Big Data! It’s everywhere! Everyone’s talking about data. Big data is producing big results. Kids will want to be data scientists instead of doctors. It’s a fascinating landscape to work in with data innovation happening on a daily basis. […]