ad:tech Singapore: Multi channel media attribution or why measuring the last click is just not enough

Most marketers (and especially those that listened to me at ad:tech in Singapore recently) have by now realised that the ‘last-click gets all the credit’ attribution model favoured by Google and so many others is not actually representative of how consumers interact with advertising.

Especially advertisers that invest heavily in display ads, whether historically or because they have reached a point of diminishing returns in other channels such as paid search, would cite a lack of reporting and accountability as one of their major frustrations. 

If the above challenges sounds familiar and you think your company should be analysing all campaign touch points leading up to a conversion and not just the last, then you will find the below slides from my recent presentation on media attribution at ad:tech in Singapore interesting.

The slides will show you how to record and analyse multi-channel media attribution data in your existing web analytics platform to generate some quick wins as well explain the pros and cons of more professional long-term approaches.