Video on brand new Google Analytics multi-channel funnels and media attribution reports (in beta)

Google Analytics just released a video with details on its brand new multi-channel funnels or media attribution solution that’s currently being introduced as a limited pilot. Watch the video below to see all five new reports in the new multi-channel funnels section including the overview, assisted conversions, top conversion paths, path length and time lag reports

This is a good video to watch if you just want to find out about cross-channel campaign tracking and optimisation in general, quite well done and explain, but keep in mind that the solution only includes data from direct visits and not mere banner impressions (that didn’t result in a click-through) which is a big limitation (but who knows what will happen with that, Google owns DoubleClick after all).

Anyway, even if you are a big display advertiser, you should sign-up for early access to the new reports, more insights can never hurt as long as they’re interpreted correctly.