Identify and visualise suburbs with most profitable customers using RDA geoTribes and Tableau

Marketers often have a specific idea about the type of people they want to sell to, and now there is a way to find them. RDA Research has grouped Australian people over 18 into 15 distinct ‘geoTribes’ by using social status and more uniquely, by their age. Unlike other geosegmentation models, geoTribes are at person level rather than by whole households which makes it ultimately more accurate and powerful.

By using an interactive data visualisation tool such as Tableau, you can now find your target geoTribe segment! Here’s what to do:

1. Identify your dream customers among the 15 geoTribes segments

Choose your type of customer based on their social status and lifecycle stage or match your existing customer database with RDA’s geoTribes segments to find your most profitable segments.

2. Plot their incidence on a map using a tool such as Tableau

3. Identify relevant geoTribe hotspots

We can see in which suburbs of Australia the geoTribe of interest are more densely populated. The green shade indicates a greater percentage of the geoTribe in that suburb. These are the places to target (to attract more of the same profitable customers)!

For example – many businesses, especially in financial services, are keen to reach those with a high level of income and wealth. In geoTribes, this segment is the Rockafellas. The image below shows the incidence of Rockafellas by postcode in metropolitan Sydney. Rockafellas can be seen to cluster in suburbs such as Cherrybrook, Castle Hill and West Pennant Hills.

There is also heaps of profiling info for each geoTribe. Again in the image below we can see that:
  • 28% of Rockafellas have at least Bachelor degree
  • A majority of 42% Rockafellas are Professionals and Managers
Get in touch with us to see how you could best use geoTribes to boost the effectiveness of your segmentation and media planning!