Google Analytics: Set it up right and use the full analytics power of the free platform

Web analytics has become a must-have component of any company’s online marketing strategy and Google Analytics is arguably the most powerful, free web stats solution available.

Although a basic Google Analytics implementation is fairly easy and only requires copying and pasting of code provided by Google, more advanced features are slightly more complex. However, it is exactly these additional features that take a little more effort to implement and configure that will provide the most value.

Datalicious can help.

Our team of experts will set-up and customise Google Analytics using our proven Datalicious methodology to provide a maximum amount of flexibility while limiting the amount of IT resources required from your side.

Apart from you to accurately measure campaign results and website performance we are also able to implement any of the following more advanced features for you.
  • Dashboard configuration and automation
  • Setting of conversion goals and funnels
  • Enabling of internal search term tracking
  • Custom segmentation of website visitors 
  • Enabling of e-commerce reporting including revenue
  • Google Analytics based search engine optimisation 
  • Integration of Google AdWords campaign reporting
  • Integration of Google Website Optimizer test reports
In addition to the above standard Google Analytics functionality we would strongly recommend to also implement the Datalicious campaign pathing plug-in. The custom code developed by Datalicious is not available anywhere else and will enable your company to not only attribute conversions back to the last campaign clicked on (standard in Google Analytics) but to report on all paid and organic media channels that participated in conversions.

During the entire initial implementation and subsequent maintenance phases customer will be able to submit support tickets online.

Please email us at if you would like to find out more or read some of our other Google Analytics related posts, especially the article on how the last 20% of Google Analytics features that actually drive 80% of value.