New YouTube Analytics interface and features: Check out our AFL Grand Final data viz video stats

YouTube just announced the next generation of their video analytics feature which uses the same data as the old Insights tool. To be honest, not much has changed apart from an interface design upgrade but it’s nice to see that this has become a focus again and we can only hope this will get included into Google Analytics at some stage.

Check out the video stats from our recent AFL Grand Final Twitter data visualisation to get an overview of what’s on offer in the new tool. As you can see we’re certainly not a video production house and don’t get millions of views but the AFL video was a nice spike for us – never had more than a hundred views before!

The data shows us that the majority of views originated in Australia and came mostly from males between 25-54 (surprise surprise). Interesting to see is that mobile was much bigger than anticipated with almost 25% of views. I really love the video retention reports though, they’re are awesome to optimise your actual video content (and I hope more companies will start using this to improve their TV ads). In the case of our AFL video you can see that we have a fairly steady drop-off of total viewers during the video but compared to the average (which is great benchmarking data) are actually doing pretty well in getting viewers to watch the video to the very end. 

Read the YouTube analytics guide for a more detailed explanation of the various reports.