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Google Analytics Premium vs Adobe Site Catalyst, detailed comparison chart

by Elly Gillis on
GA Premium vs Site Catalyst

With Google Analytics Premium entering the APAC region we have received loads of questions on how it stacks up in comparison to current market leader, Adobe Site Catalyst.  So what has newcomer GA Premium brought to the table and should you think about switching? The main area for you to consider is whether a marketing automation or a customisable analytics tool is of more benefit to your organisation. Google Analytics main skill is online marketing analytics.This means Adwords, integration with Google Display Network and Media Attribution are all automatically available […]

Study: 966% ROI for web analytics, insights drive profitability and competitive advantage

by Christian Bartens on
Google Analytics Certified Partner

What is the return on investment (ROI) of (web) analytics? It’s hard enough to measure the ROI of campaigns that lead to a measureable outcomes such as sales but analytics? How does one quantify the value of intangible insights or the services associated with it? This is a challenge that Datalicious comes up often against when we have to justify our value. Well, it turns out (web) analytics has a much higher ROI than most campaigns! Actionable insights that lead to a more effective marketing strategy and increased sales generate […]

SuperTag release 4/2012: SiteCatalyst & DoubleClick enhancements plus conversion de-duplication

by Christian Bartens on

Although we should have taken a break after finally launching the new improved user interface last week we got stuck right back into it! Check out the new features and enhancements we released this week as well as the respective screen shots below…

Pros and cons of media attribution options: Google Analytics, SiteCatalyst, ClearSaleing, ad servers

by Christian Bartens on

There seems to be an increased buzz around cross-channel media attribution from many vendors lately and although we posted on the subject of attribution before we never really got into the nuts and bolts of the different platform options so here y…