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Implementing Push Notifications To Drive Mobile Marketing

by Christian Bartens on

While investment in mobile marketing has seen an increase, mobile push notifications remains a largely unused channel of mobile strategy.   In a recent Forrester report titled ‘Push Mobile Engagement To The Next Level‘, push notifications are shown as being integral to mobile marketing strategy. In a recent blog post, we looked at the growth in mobile marketing and why this matters to your overall marketing strategy. Looking specifically at mobile marketing, push notifications are the next area of growth. Push notifications is an area for mobile marketing growth. While […]

Datalicious’ media attribution helps Telstra win Silver Effie for always on digital platform

by Elly Gillis on

Congratulations to our client Telstra and our partner agencies OMD & DDB on taking home a Silver Effie in the category of ‘Digital Platforms’.  Telstra’s “Always-On” platform uses data-intelligence to identify audience segments, applies customer-centric planning in its creative delivery & media attribution modelling to optimise sales. The platform uses: Datalicious’ tracking technology SuperTag to identify the audience on Telstra.com. We manage the segmentation in partnership with OMD that allows targeted creative to be served to the individual. A/B testing of creative is then used by DDB at each stage of the customer journey to maximise conversions. […]

Increasing online research not translating into online sales – big impact on media attribution

by Christian Bartens on

Roy Morgan just released some very interesting statistics on mobile phone research and purchasing behaviour that has wide ranging implications for media attribution and optimisation. The below charts show how a growing number of Australians turned to the Internet for information on mobile phones before actually making a purchase. The Internet is now almost twice as popular as catalogues and far surpasses TV and newspapers as the most popular research medium. However, while the Internet is considered useful for information about mobile phones, a relatively low proportion of Australians end […]

Media attribution: Top 10 pitfalls of generic models, why custom attribution is king

by Mitch Bain on
Purchase path

It wasn’t long ago when a Telco called 3 sponsored Australian Cricket and Vodafone delivered excellent coverage and customer service. Or when media attribution meant analysing the ‘last click’ as favoured by Google. These days, the last click attribution model is a dinosaur. Since every customer interacts with your brand in a different way, only giving recognition to the last click doesn’t take into account the full purchase path – all the steps along the way that influenced the customer to buy. That’s where media attribution comes in. Media attribution allows […]