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Drive Marketing Strategies With Data Driven Storytelling

by Daniel Dewar on
datalicious visualisation for marketing strategies

Compelling narratives are essential to data visualisations and effective marketing strategies.   Yesterday I attended the event ‘Leveraging Data and Analytics to Drive Marketing Strategies’ held by Tableau at the Sheraton in Sydney. Presented by Tableau’s Sr Marketing Director Wade Tibke, it was an interesting look at not only how data can be used, but also why it should and the best way to present it. The Datalicious interactive visualisation for The Age on Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs was featured amongst the case studies. Granted, Tableau offered their own product [...]

Boost Business Intelligence With These Tableau Dashboard Tips

by Will Hetherington on
tableau data visualisation

Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool and great for data visualisation projects.   We use it often as part of our dashboards and data visualisation services. It’s an excellent way to produce simple graphic representations of complex datasets. For new users it can be daunting to try and wrap your head around it. Here are a few tips to help you ease into the world of Tableau. For an extended list, see 7B Software’s Mark Smith on his top ten Tableau tips. Use Excel for practice Instead of diving [...]

We’re hiring! Looking for a Marketing Analyst to join our team of data geeks ($60k-$80K)

by Christian Bartens on

APPLY NOW, WE’RE ALWAYS HIRING FOR THIS ROLE! If you are an analytics professional with at least 2 years of work experience in data-intensive roles (preferably in a digital/direct markering environment) who would like to get into big data, web ana…

Tableau Public data visualisation and interactive dashboard on German politician’s phone call data

by Christian Bartens on

The German newspaper Die Zeit and the EFF recently wrote about the German politician Malte Spitz from the Greens who procured and then published all the data that a local telco had been collecting on him by default over months. Apart from being a …

We’re hiring! Looking for a Head of Insights to join our team of data geeks ($100K+)

by Christian Bartens on

THIS ROLE HAS BEEN FILLED! If you are an experienced analyst with a solid statistical background and at least 4 to 5 years of work experience with complex data sets (preferably in marketing related roles but not necessarily) who is ready to step u…