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ad:tech Wrap: Smart Data Driven CRM for FMCG

by Daniel Dewar on
Datalicious solutions for RB CRM

Data helps us make decisions and boost marketing ROI. We can also use it to drive CRM segmentation strategy.   Our managing director Christan Bartens presented at the ad:tech Australia conference this week. Speaking with Andrew Wong, Reckitt Benckiser‘s Digital Strategy Manager, they presented their case study on creating a smart, data driven customer relationship manager (CRM) for FMCG clients. Reckitt Benckiser is the 17th largest advertising spender in Australia targeting all female grocery buyers. For those keeping count, that’s 3.5 million women aged 24-49. The challenge was to develop […]

How to successfully implement Facebook’s Open Graph to generate insights and start contacting fans

by Christian Bartens on

What is Facebook’s Open Graph The Open Graph is an open protocol for semantically labelling web content, but more importantly it provides the underlying logic for seamless integration into Facebook’s social graph. Each configured URL becomes an ob…

Flowtown identifies social profiles, demographics and influencers from customers email addresses

by Christian Bartens on

I just came across this new service called Flowtown which is pretty interesting. The platform lets you upload your contact’s email addresses for which it then returns the respective social profiles on Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn, Flickr a…