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Twitter Releases Social Analytics Platform from Beta

by Daniel Dewar on

Last week, Twitter released its social analytics platform to the world. Last week Twitter opened up its analytics platform for everyone to use. It was announced by Twitter engineer Ian Chan (on Twitter, of course). Absolutely thrilled to open up access to http://t.co/wcU6oj9hFM to EVERYONE. Check it out, and let us know what you think! — Ian Chan (@chanian) August 27, 2014 We’ve been playing around with it for the past week and there’s some very interesting insights provided by the platform. One thing I did notice was that many […]

We’re hiring! Looking for a Marketing Analyst to join our team of data geeks ($60k-$80K)

by Christian Bartens on

APPLY NOW, WE’RE ALWAYS HIRING FOR THIS ROLE! If you are an analytics professional with at least 2 years of work experience in data-intensive roles (preferably in a digital/direct markering environment) who would like to get into big data, web ana…

Tableau Public data visualisation and interactive dashboard on German politician’s phone call data

by Christian Bartens on

The German newspaper Die Zeit and the EFF recently wrote about the German politician Malte Spitz from the Greens who procured and then published all the data that a local telco had been collecting on him by default over months. Apart from being a …

Automated marketing dashboards with data from multiple channels including web, retail and call center

by Christian Bartens on

Are you and your team still spending more time compiling reports in Excel than actually analysing them and taking action? Would your company benefit from an automated dashboard solution that mashes up and visualises data from all your various chan…

Australian pricing and local support for powerful Tableau Business Intelligence platform

by Christian Bartens on

You might have heard the recent buzz about Tableau, but are wondering how to get hold of a copy for your business and whether the platform is supported in Australia? Datalicious has recently entered into an agreement with the US based company and …