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Standardising Data Collection Through SuperTag with the W3C Data Layer

by Jeremie Leca on
w3c standard data layer

SuperTag can now send standardised data formats with the inclusion of the W3C data layer. As the market for data collection and warehouse softwares and services expand, it’s become increasingly obvious that data layers require further standardisation in order to more easily connect the data software marketplace. In December 2013, the Customer Experience Digital Data Layer 1.0 report was handed down by W3C. A data layer simply standardises data format within a web page. In a post on his own web-page, technologist Abhishek Tiwari provides a great diagram in explaining […]

ad:tech Wrap: Smart Data Driven CRM for FMCG

by Daniel Dewar on
Datalicious solutions for RB CRM

Data helps us make decisions and boost marketing ROI. We can also use it to drive CRM segmentation strategy.   Our managing director Christan Bartens presented at the ad:tech Australia conference this week. Speaking with Andrew Wong, Reckitt Benckiser‘s Digital Strategy Manager, they presented their case study on creating a smart, data driven customer relationship manager (CRM) for FMCG clients. Reckitt Benckiser is the 17th largest advertising spender in Australia targeting all female grocery buyers. For those keeping count, that’s 3.5 million women aged 24-49. The challenge was to develop […]

Digital Marketing Brands And Agencies Fail At Data And Analytics

by Christian Bartens on
digital marketing brands and agencies are below competency when it comes to data and analytics

Digital marketing organisations know data and analytics… Really?   Despite increased budget resources to digital marketing strategy, platforms and channels, actual skill levels to execute digital marketing programs do not exist outside of digital teams. That’s the latest from Digital Chameleon‘s 2014 Digital IQ Index released yesterday, which conducted a digital skills assessment of participants in their online learning programs and has already generated a lot of interest within the industry. With a total of 651 survey respondents (361 identifying as working in media, 131 in brand and 133 in […]

Australian Privacy Principles: What Are They And What Do They Mean?

by Daniel Dewar on
australian privacy principles come into effect march 12

As of March 12 the Australian Privacy Principles came into effect. Here’s what you need to know.   We often write about data at Datalicious. Truth be told, it’s all we write about. On March 12 2014 the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) came into effect, replacing the National Privacy Principles which form part of the Privacy Act 1988. The Australian Privacy Principles came into effect on March 12. Source: Shutterstock.   There are 13 new privacy principles included as part of the change, set out over 5 parts. You can […]

Academy Awards Predictions Using Big Data

by Daniel Dewar on
Can the Academy Awards be accurately predicted?

This Sunday (or Monday if you’re in our part of the world) sees the 86th Annual Academy Awards take place in Los Angeles. Without going into the value of such awards, there’s no denying it’s a large pop culture event with many paying attention to the results. As we’ve seen recently with the Super Bowl and Grammys, such events draw great interest from those outside the entertainment industry. Can the Academy Awards be accurately predicted? Data agencies have been collecting data and developing algorithms for years to try and predict […]

Did technology kill data privacy and ethics?

by Daniel Dewar on

Are you collecting data to add value to consumers? Chris Bartens offers strategies to stay ahead of data privacy and ethics changes in 2014.   In November we attended the Data Symposium for 2013 in the Hunter Valley. One of the hot topics of the conference was data privacy – with significant changes to Australian privacy law coming into play from March 2014 many marketers were interested in strategies and techniques to avoid huge fines and negative PR. Chris Bartens, Founder and Director of data marketing agency Datalicious, was one of the […]