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That’s Hot: Visualising NASA Climate Science Data at SxSW

by Christian Bartens on

Datalicious Managing Director Chris Bartens is at SxSW this week, reporting live from the field.   I’ve only been in Austin, Texas at SxSW for a couple of days now. It’s hard to imagine what this city is like when SxSW isn’t happening. Everywhere is packed, lineups around the street for coffee, food, presentations, trade shows, Kevin Bacon… Uber is charging a $165 minimum fare. It’s a huge buzz being surrounded by so many innovative companies and driven individuals. Everyone here is passionate about something, so if I can give [...]

Boost Business Intelligence With These Tableau Dashboard Tips

by Will Hetherington on
tableau data visualisation

Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool and great for data visualisation projects.   We use it often as part of our dashboards and data visualisation services. It’s an excellent way to produce simple graphic representations of complex datasets. For new users it can be daunting to try and wrap your head around it. Here are a few tips to help you ease into the world of Tableau. For an extended list, see 7B Software’s Mark Smith on his top ten Tableau tips. Use Excel for practice Instead of diving [...]

What Big Data tells us about the Super Bowl

by Daniel Dewar on
SAP AG predict Denver winning the Super Bowl.

Is it still worth watching the Super Bowl if Big Data analytics can predict the winner?   The Denver Broncos will win the 2014 Super Bowl. At least that’s what predictive analytic algorithms are telling us. SAP AG predict Denver winning the Super Bowl. German-based software vendor SAP AG used the data available in the NFL’s public statistics database to compare the offensive and defensive stats from each team during the season. SAP uses a HANA in-memory analytics system to develop its algorithm. Despite the Seahawks having a league-best defence, [...]

Baidu uses data to visualise Chinese New Year travel movements

by Daniel Dewar on

China’s largest search engine visualises 3 billion planned trips during Chinese New Year.   Baidu, China’s most popular search engine has launched a heat map of travellers going home for Chinese New Year. The map shows where travelers are heading to, coming from and which routes have the most traffic during the country’s largest holiday. Baidu uses data to visualise Chinese New Year travel movements It’s the largest annual migration in the world, with more than 3 billion planned trips in during the festival. The Chinese rail ministry setup a [...]

Personal, Multi-Disciplinary or Insider? Visualising Your Linkedin Network

by Daniel Dewar on

Visualising your Linkedin network allows you to see the relationships between your connections.   On Monday we showed you how to visualise your Facebook network and spoke about how you could use this data for your professional relationships. LinkedinLabs offer a simple tool to visualise your Linkedin network. You can now see the connections between your various professional networks. Much like the Facebook experiment, we compared the results of the Datalicious teams’ individual networks. Based on these visualisations, we are able to determine a few common professional personalities. Personal Professional [...]