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Rethink your social media marketing strategy and improve conversions

by Daniel Dewar on

Rethink your social media marketing strategy by removing social sharing buttons.   For a long time, social sharing has been considered an integral part of social media marketing and page conversions. The thinking was that if your users can’t share their experience then you are missing out on traffic opportunity. Taloon.com is a Finland-based eCommerce site specialising in plumbing, gardening, and hardware materials. They have provided a case study of their attempt to increase page conversions. As you can see in the original product description below, the social sharing buttons […]

ACMA research on ecommerce in Australia: Who is buying online, how much, how often and what

by Christian Bartens on

ACMA just released a report, Australia in the digital economy: Consumer engagement with ecommerce, which explores Australian household internet user experiences with ecommerce including commentary on consumer purchasing behaviour. Finally some Aus…

Google launches new special search engine designed to enhance user experience on retail sites

by Christian Bartens on

Google Commerce Search is a search solution designed to optimise the on-site search experience on retail sites but interestingly this product is not for free this time, pricing starts at $50,000 (pretty hefty for Google). Google has been offering …