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Veda SuperTag integration: Personalise website content & experience based on rich Veda data

by Christian Bartens on
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We are excited to announce the private beta of our Veda SuperTag integration, which for the first time makes Veda’s rich household data and predictive models available for targeting online. Come and visit the joint Veda & Datalicious stand at the upcoming ADMA Global Forum in Sydney to see the integration in action. The integration enables SuperTag clients and Veda partners to identify their website visitors using a wide range of identification points such as address entry, email subscriptions and website logins. Once identified, the SuperTag platform persists the users’ anonymous ID […]

ad:tech Singapore: Cross-channel targeting or how to coordinate the user experience and boost conversion

by Christian Bartens on

McKinsey established sometime ago, that a coordinated end-to-end user experience across channels can lead to an increase of up to 10-20% in revenue for online businesses – and a coordinated end-to-end user experience is nothing else than targeting…

How to use unique phone numbers to improve customer experience and boost website conversion

by Christian Bartens on

I’ve been meaning to write about the power of unique phone numbers in optimising user experience and campaign conversion for a while now and the below research published on Reuters has finally provided me with the right ammunition! According to th…

McKinsey: Building an integrated end-to-end consumer experience to increase overall revenue

by Christian Bartens on

McKinsey has published a really great article outlining four ways to get more value from digital marketing, a must read for all marketers (worth subscribing for, it’s free anyway). Although the whole article is a good read, I specifically like the…