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Datalicious Weekly Tech News: Mar 28

by Daniel Dewar on
Klout CEO Joe Fernandez and Lithium CEO Rob Tarkoff

We like to read at Datalicious. These were the big stories from around the office this week. SuperTag Gets A Makeover We worked hard to push the new SuperTag website live. We’re working to improve the user experience and interface of all our products and platforms. The site is now far more dynamic and is a truer representation of what the company and the product is about. Lithium Technologies Acquires Klout On Thursday Mar 27, social network software leader Lithium Technologies announced that it had acquired social ranking platform Klout […]

Hermit, Traveler or Gossiper? Which Facebook personality are you?

by Francesco Rinaldi on

Using a basic data visualisation tool, you can visualise your social network and gain an insight into your Facebook personality.   As the world becomes more digitalised and our relationships become more interconnected, sometimes we don’t realise the sheer amount of data we generate (and deal with) everyday. We create metadata by calling a friend, generate page views by reading a blog post and we create nodes and edges by expanding our social networks, increasing the complexity of our digital lives. While communications metadata can be used for national security […]

Facebook Network Data Visualisation in 7 steps

by Francesco Rinaldi on
datalicious facebook visualisation step 1

Data visualisation is a useful tool to understand your collected data.   Visualising your Facebook network is a great exercise to get you thinking about data visualisation processes and developing insights from complex data sets. This guide will show you how to extract the data from your Facebook profile and produce a visualisation using Gephi. You will need: Facebook Gephi (free, open-source data visualisation tool) Image Editor (such as Illustrator or Photoshop First things first, how do you get the data? Although Facebook does not provide a download your data […]

How to successfully implement Facebook’s Open Graph to generate insights and start contacting fans

by Christian Bartens on

What is Facebook’s Open Graph The Open Graph is an open protocol for semantically labelling web content, but more importantly it provides the underlying logic for seamless integration into Facebook’s social graph. Each configured URL becomes an ob…