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Pay Per Click Optimisation Using DoubleClick With SuperTag

by Jeremie Leca on
doubleclick info

Implementing DoubleClick Floodlight tags became easier with our SuperTag integration.   Google’s DoubleClick is a digital advertising solution for buyers, sellers and creators. It creates business for Google through ad-serving and ad-delivery. DoubleClick also features behavioural targeting parameters that allows for: targeting to one website owner, where an online publisher can set a DoubleClick cookie to alert them as to what sections of their sites users are browsing, and targeting in advertising networks, where the information collected through DoubleClick cookies are pooled into Adsense to help publishers understand the type [...]

How To Setup Advanced Content Tracking With Google Analytics

by Koen Kamphuis on
Advanced content tracking with Google Analytics

A simple include to your Google Analytics script can improve your content strategy.   Google Analytics has become ubiquitous with web analytics. While default content tracking setup is fairly simple, the data and insights it provides can be invaluable (assuming you’ve set defined goals and understand how the metrics work and which ones matter). The standard Google Analytics tag gives you information such as bounce rate, user behaviour, basic demographic information, pageviews, etc. Vital information for anybody with a website. In some instances, sites that rely on large sections of [...]

Use web analytics to understand site traffic and boost user experience

by Antony Wilcox on
Google Analytics now provides cross device measurement as part of its web analytics offering.

Web analytics provides organisations with the ability to understand their site traffic and use the collected data to boost user experience.   Web analytics looks at the impact of a website on its users and user-behaviour based on a variety of metrics. A Nucleus Research report on the return on investment in web analytics showed that the average ROI for companies investing in analytics software is around 950%. Web analytics are a basic software that drives insights and really generates returns. There are many web analytics softwares available, including Adobe [...]

How Your Search Engine Marketing Will Be Affected By Yahoo’s Secure Search

by Koen Kamphuis on
Yahoo's secure search update will affect your search engine marketing.

Yahoo and Google are now going with secure search and it’s important to understand how this affects search engine marketing reports.   Following on from Google’s move to secure search last September, Yahoo announced in November secure search will be rolled out across all of their properties by March 31st. With the rollout now started, it’s important to understand how this will affect your wider search engine marketing reporting. Brent Dykes is the Customer Evangelist for Customer Analytics at Adobe and has published two great articles explaining what the Google [...]

Google Analytics Premium vs Adobe Site Catalyst, detailed comparison chart

by Elly Gillis on
GA Premium vs Site Catalyst

With Google Analytics Premium entering the APAC region we have received loads of questions on how it stacks up in comparison to current market leader, Adobe Site Catalyst.  So what has newcomer GA Premium brought to the table and should you think about switching? The main area for you to consider is whether a marketing automation or a customisable analytics tool is of more benefit to your organisation. Google Analytics main skill is online marketing analytics.This means Adwords, integration with Google Display Network and Media Attribution are all automatically available [...]

Study: 966% ROI for web analytics, insights drive profitability and competitive advantage

by Christian Bartens on
Google Analytics Certified Partner

What is the return on investment (ROI) of (web) analytics? It’s hard enough to measure the ROI of campaigns that lead to a measureable outcomes such as sales but analytics? How does one quantify the value of intangible insights or the services associated with it? This is a challenge that Datalicious comes up often against when we have to justify our value. Well, it turns out (web) analytics has a much higher ROI than most campaigns! Actionable insights that lead to a more effective marketing strategy and increased sales generate [...]