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What’s New at the Google Analytics Summit in San Francisco

by Koen Kamphuis on
google analytics summit

Datalicious Technical Analyst Koen Kamphuis gives us an update from the Google Analytics Summit 2014 in San Francisco.   Google will be rolling out improved features to e-commerce tracking over the next few weeks. They will be introducing an advanced funnel used for e-commerce remarketing based on pre-purchase behaviour. Traditionally Google Analytics focused on e-commerce data around the purchase – specific transaction details, product details, etc. With the new rollout, Google Analytics users are given new metrics about shopper behaviour and conversion including: product detail views, ‘add to cart’ actions, […]

Understand User Behaviour With Google’s Single View Of Web & App Data

by Wan Bachtiar on
google analytics user behaviour tracking

With a single view of web and app data, GA users can better understand user behaviour and session information. Google now allows developers to create a single reporting view that includes both web and app data. This will allow business to better understand user behaviour by simplifying reporting on multiple digital touchpoints (web, mobile devices, apps, other devices). From now on, if users want to view their web and app data separately they will need to create a customised filter for their Google Analytics reporting or use other reporting tools. […]

Datalicious Weekly Tech News: Apr 11

by Daniel Dewar on
tech news : heartbleed bug

We like to read at Datalicious. These were the best stories from around the office this week. Heartbleed sparks internet security fears An encryption error called the Heartbleed bug is being labelled as one of the biggest threats the internet has ever seen. The encryption error has allowed access to certain versions of OpenSSL where hackers can grab data that should be protected by a TLS/SSL code. Mashable has a great article on the websites affected, including those you should seriously consider updating your passwords on. Google takes Universal Analytics […]

How To Setup Advanced Content Tracking With Google Analytics

by Koen Kamphuis on
Advanced content tracking with Google Analytics

A simple include to your Google Analytics script can improve your content strategy.   Google Analytics has become ubiquitous with web analytics. While default content tracking setup is fairly simple, the data and insights it provides can be invaluable (assuming you’ve set defined goals and understand how the metrics work and which ones matter). The standard Google Analytics tag gives you information such as bounce rate, user behaviour, basic demographic information, pageviews, etc. Vital information for anybody with a website. In some instances, sites that rely on large sections of […]

Unlock Advanced Web Analytics With Google Analytics Premium

by Antony Wilcox on

Google Analytics Premium combines the power and familiarity of Google Analytics with extra optimisation features.   Google Analytics Premium takes advanced web analytics to the next level, making data useful and accessible for your entire organisation. Why GAP? Google Analytics Premium is a flat fee service that gives users access to faster, unsampled data, up to 50 custom variables, enterprise grade security and reliability and premium integrations with DoubleClick and BigQuery. With the DoubleClick integration, ad impressions will be recorded as well as click-throughs, giving users a more accurate view […]

Google Analytics Premium vs Adobe Site Catalyst, detailed comparison chart

by Elly Gillis on
GA Premium vs Site Catalyst

With Google Analytics Premium entering the APAC region we have received loads of questions on how it stacks up in comparison to current market leader, Adobe Site Catalyst.  So what has newcomer GA Premium brought to the table and should you think about switching? The main area for you to consider is whether a marketing automation or a customisable analytics tool is of more benefit to your organisation. Google Analytics main skill is online marketing analytics.This means Adwords, integration with Google Display Network and Media Attribution are all automatically available […]