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Google Brings Adometry Into Google Analytics Premium Services

by Antony Wilcox on
media attribution with datalicious and google analytics premium

Google boosts media attribution service offerings under Google Analytics Premium. On May 7, Google announced that it had acquired advertising and media attribution company Adometry. First reported in the Wall Street Journal, the move sees Google improve its attribution service offerings under the Google Analytics Premium suite of products and tools. Media attribution with Datalicious and Google Analytics Premium provides important campaign insights for brands.   Google states that: Attribution solutions, like Adometry’s, help businesses better understand the influence that different marketing tools — digital, offline, email, and more — […]

Finding The Best Cross-Channel Marketing Model

by Daniel Dewar on
cross channel marketing mix model with datalicious and thinkvine

Multi-channel media attribution and other models are quickly replacing traditional cross channel marketing models. Which is the best one? Cross-channel marketing modelling has traditionally been synonymous with “top-down” marketing mix models. In recent years we have seen the appearance of “bottom-up” attribution models due to an increase in software and technology available to marketing offices. Each campaign must be developed and implemented on the merits of its own business and marketing objectives, and no cross-channel marketing model is perfect for each campaign. At Datalicious, we have long argued that customisation […]

Using Cross-Channel Marketing And Planning For Media Attribution

by Elly Gillis on
cross-channel marketing campaigns

As marketers explore cross-channel marketing campaigns, is it worth the investment without media attribution modelling?   Marketers are finally becoming more interested in starting conversations with their audience rather than delivering a straight marketing message to consumers. It’s no longer about pushing a service or product out into the marketplace. Content marketing and earned media channels are helping businesses pull audiences to the brand. What can become overwhelming for marketers and businesses is the sheer number of channels available for brand messaging and content. Digital Consultant David Sealey has published […]

Implementing Push Notifications To Drive Mobile Marketing

by Christian Bartens on

While investment in mobile marketing has seen an increase, mobile push notifications remains a largely unused channel of mobile strategy.   In a recent Forrester report titled ‘Push Mobile Engagement To The Next Level‘, push notifications are shown as being integral to mobile marketing strategy. In a recent blog post, we looked at the growth in mobile marketing and why this matters to your overall marketing strategy. Looking specifically at mobile marketing, push notifications are the next area of growth. Push notifications is an area for mobile marketing growth. While […]

Using SuperTag to maximise marketing strategy and drive ROI

by Conrad Dujin on
SuperTag was developed to drive efficiencies in marketing strategy.

Improving ROI and simplifying tag management should be a key component of any marketing strategy.   There are several problems facing many organisations and marketing offices today. A lot of it has to do with data. From too much data to not enough data and data collection and privacy issues – it’s a hot topic in marketing and advertising. At least marketing offices are now attempting to address these issues. We work with a variety of clients who each face different problems when it comes to data collection and management. […]