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How to boost cross-channel marketing effectiveness through advanced targeting

by Christian Bartens on
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If we want to increase ROI and make our marketing dollars really count, we need to look at how we are maximising the usage of our data assets. Check out the below slides and Excel template from my recent presentation at the ADMA Data Day event in Melbourne and Sydney, to find out how you can start making the most of your data and prioritise your activities for maximum impact. The best way to increase ROI is usually to optimise the conversion funnel from the bottom up. Rather than direct all […]

What are the most liveable Melbourne suburbs? See our interactive Tableau data visualisation for The Age

by Christian Bartens on

Wondering what the most liveable Melbourne suburbs are? We have the answer… In case you missed it, Datalicious created an interactive web-based data visualisation for The Age newspaper to showcase their data on the liveability of Melbourne subur…

OMX presentation on competitive intelligence and how Virgin could use it to poach Qantas customers

by Christian Bartens on

Below are yesterday’s slides from the Competitive Intelligence presentation at the Online Marketer conference in Melbourne. We used the recent grounding of the Qantas fleet as an example to showcase some of the free (and paid) online tools that ca…

ADMA Data Day presentation on ClearSaleing multi-channel media attribution from Adam Goldberg

by Christian Bartens on

Are you still attributing 100% of conversion credits to the last campaign touch point, the ‘last click’? Have you maxed out the search channel and need to investigate other channels such as display to keep growing but are unsure how to track ROI? …

Impress with insights not spreadsheets: New dates for ADMA Analyse to Optimise course by Datalicious

by Christian Bartens on

Do you think your data could work a little harder for you? Are you sometimes wondering what it all means? Well, we’re proud to annonce the new Sydney and Melbourne dates for our ADMA course, Analyse To Optimise, that launched last year. The course…