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Want To Master Social Media? Check Out Our Top Six Social Media Analytics Courses

by Michael Savio on
social media analytics are important to understanding online data analysis

Mastering social media analytics greatly improves your organisation’s understanding of social media’s role in online data analysis.   As social becomes more important to brand sentiment and attribution modelling, social media analytics are a great way to understanding how it fits with traditional analytics models.   We’ve provided a list of some of the best social media analytics courses going around to help you get started. Social Media Measurement Training What are the KPIs and goals of social media? What do we measure and what is less important? Is having […]

Best Practice Customer Segmentation Implementation for Brand Communications

by Michael Savio on
customer segmentation

Key marketing and business objectives can be achieved by implementing best practice customer segmentation strategy.   One of the things we see all the time is organisations segmenting customers in a way that is not only useless to an organisation, but also does not improve the relevancy of their customer contact. This is partly because the organisation was not clean on why they were doing segmentation in the first place. It’s also because there was no obvious plan to execute once the segmentation was in place. The first thing we […]