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Implementing Push Notifications To Drive Mobile Marketing

by Christian Bartens on

While investment in mobile marketing has seen an increase, mobile push notifications remains a largely unused channel of mobile strategy.   In a recent Forrester report titled ‘Push Mobile Engagement To The Next Level‘, push notifications are shown as being integral to mobile marketing strategy. In a recent blog post, we looked at the growth in mobile marketing and why this matters to your overall marketing strategy. Looking specifically at mobile marketing, push notifications are the next area of growth. Push notifications is an area for mobile marketing growth. While […]

Tableau Public data visualisation and interactive dashboard on German politician’s phone call data

by Christian Bartens on

The German newspaper Die Zeit and the EFF recently wrote about the German politician Malte Spitz from the Greens who procured and then published all the data that a local telco had been collecting on him by default over months. Apart from being a …

Telsyte & AIMIA Digital Nation book with unique research into Australian digital consumer behaviour

by Christian Bartens on

We’re usually not in the business of selling books but Telsyte & AIMIA have published a rather sexy coffee table book with some unique research into the Australian digital landscape that you might want to add to your waiting room literature! Based…