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ad:tech Wrap: Smart Data Driven CRM for FMCG

by Daniel Dewar on
Datalicious solutions for RB CRM

Data helps us make decisions and boost marketing ROI. We can also use it to drive CRM segmentation strategy.   Our managing director Christan Bartens presented at the ad:tech Australia conference this week. Speaking with Andrew Wong, Reckitt Benckiser‘s Digital Strategy Manager, they presented their case study on creating a smart, data driven customer relationship manager (CRM) for FMCG clients. Reckitt Benckiser is the 17th largest advertising spender in Australia targeting all female grocery buyers. For those keeping count, that’s 3.5 million women aged 24-49. The challenge was to develop [...]

Digital Marketing Brands And Agencies Fail At Data And Analytics

by Christian Bartens on
digital marketing brands and agencies are below competency when it comes to data and analytics

Digital marketing organisations know data and analytics… Really?   Despite increased budget resources to digital marketing strategy, platforms and channels, actual skill levels to execute digital marketing programs do not exist outside of digital teams. That’s the latest from Digital Chameleon‘s 2014 Digital IQ Index released yesterday, which conducted a digital skills assessment of participants in their online learning programs and has already generated a lot of interest within the industry. With a total of 651 survey respondents (361 identifying as working in media, 131 in brand and 133 in [...]

SuperTag Tag Library Update: Monetate & Mixpanel

by Jeremie Leca on
mixpanel logo

The integration of SuperTag with StatCounter and Criteo make up this week’s Friday Release. Both integrations can be now accessed in your SuperTag library.   What is Mixpanel? Mixpanel is the most advanced analytics platform for mobile & web. Instead of measuring pageviews, it helps you analyse the actions users take within your application. An action can be anything from someone uploading a picture or playing a video to sharing a post. How does Mixpanel work? The Mixpanel snippet loads our SuperTag library onto the page asynchronously to keep your [...]

Whoever Controls The Algorithm Controls Content Marketing

by Christian Bartens on

Datalicious Managing Director Chris Bartens is at SxSW this week, reporting live from the field.   Yesterday I attended Algorithms, Journalism and Democracy. Presented by Gilad Lotan, Chief Data Scientist at Betaworks, and Kelly McBride, SR Faculty at The Poynter Insitute, it was an eye-opening look at how algorithms fuel the marketplace of ideas and ultimately “grease the wheels of democracy”. It was a session that looked at how algorithms can make life better and in some cases distort our perceptions of reality. In terms of news reporting and content [...]

That’s Hot: Visualising NASA Climate Science Data at SxSW

by Christian Bartens on

Datalicious Managing Director Chris Bartens is at SxSW this week, reporting live from the field.   I’ve only been in Austin, Texas at SxSW for a couple of days now. It’s hard to imagine what this city is like when SxSW isn’t happening. Everywhere is packed, lineups around the street for coffee, food, presentations, trade shows, Kevin Bacon… Uber is charging a $165 minimum fare. It’s a huge buzz being surrounded by so many innovative companies and driven individuals. Everyone here is passionate about something, so if I can give [...]