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How Marketers Can Earn Trust on Data Privacy: Don’t be like the Federal Government

by Daniel Dewar on
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The Federal Government shows us what not to do when it comes to data privacy and data collection. I think I can be forgiven for being surprised when I found out the Federal Government does in fact have a public relations company on its books. You wouldn’t know it judging by some of the ministerial performances given this week. One that particularly piqued my interest was the announcement by the federal government that they would be legislating data retention laws to fight “homegrown terrorists”. As an aside – I do […]

SuperTag Release v2.9.5

by Davide Fedrigo on

We’ve made SuperTag even better. The latest version of SuperTag will be released on Thursday Aug 7. A key feature of this release is the move to UglifyJS compressor. Previously JavaScript compression was implemented via YUI Compressor. While YUI Compressor is still an option, UglifyJS has now become the default compressor as it generates a lighter JavaScript file and reduces load times on your site. UglifyJS also now serves as the JavaScript validator when deploying, meaning your code runs through a more thorough validation process before deploying. All new projects […]

Exploring Our Changing Language Via Data Visualisation

by Daniel Dewar on

Using Google and the New York Times’ search engines to chart our changing language with data visualisation. Last week the New York Times “NYTLabs” team opened up a tool called Chronicle to the public. With the Times’ back catalogue now digitised, we can use the search engine to explore the changing language of the news from the beginning of the New York Times to present day. I came across this post exploring the use of the words “theater” and “theatre”, with the visualisation showing a sharp drop in “theatre” in […]

Viewability for Display Advertising Arrives at SuperTag

by Davide Fedrigo on
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Track the viewability impression of display advertising with SuperTag and DataCollector. Viewability has been a popular talking topic in the advertising and marketing industry in 2014. With several high-profile articles published on the topic, there’s been heavy speculation on its role in display advertising and how it might change the way we view the web. In April the Media Rating Council approved viewability trading, allowing the metric to be included as part of the display advertising ecosystem. We have many clients interested in exploring options in this area and we’re […]

Listening to Google Tag Manager’s DataLayer with SuperTag

by Davide Fedrigo on

Start the migration to SuperTag by listening to Google Tag Manager’s DataLayer events. Recently we announced the integration of SuperTag with the W3C DataLayer standard. While W3C has become the standardised data layer, individual tag management systems still have their own data layers which can make migrating over to a new tag management system difficult. With SuperTag and the W3C DataLayer, we can create standardised data objects within the page. Google Tag Manager (GTM) uses a different language, where it uses a data layer push event, shown below: dataLayer.push({‘event': ‘event_name’}); […]

Simple iOS Mobile Analytics: DataCollector Tag Bundle Now Available

by Davide Fedrigo on

Installing iOS Mobile Analytics is easy with the DataCollector Tag Bundles & SuperTag. Recently we announced the arrival of mobile tagging and iOS support for SuperTag. With SuperTag installed on iOS applications, updates can be live tested and deployed without going through the app store, increasing time to market and letting marketers focus on mobile strategy and not mobile development. Another benefit of adding SuperTag to your iOS application is the ability to setup real-time data collection for mobile analytics and unlock cross-device user identification. When we released iOS application […]