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OMX presentation on competitive intelligence and how Virgin could use it to poach Qantas customers

by Christian Bartens on

Below are yesterday’s slides from the Competitive Intelligence presentation at the Online Marketer conference in Melbourne. We used the recent grounding of the Qantas fleet as an example to showcase some of the free (and paid) online tools that ca…

Online Marketer BootCamp presentation on the less obvious landing page optimisation tips and tricks

by Christian Bartens on

Are you an online marketer responsible for media budgets? Then you should at least have a quick look through the below slides (if you didn’t attend our session at the Online Marketer BootCamp last week) to make sure all that media spend doesn’t ju…

Webinar registration and presentation on media attribution from Online Marketer / eMetrics Summit

by Christian Bartens on

Please find below the slides from our recent presentation on media attribution and how to actually do it at the Online Marketer / eMetrics Summit in Sydney. If you missed the session or would like to find out more about media attribution in genera…