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Best Practice Page Load Speed Measurement With Navigation Timing

by Koen Kamphuis on
page load speed

Understanding how page load speed works and how it can be measured is the first step to best practice solution design. We’ve heard it for a long time now – when it comes to page load times, speed matters. Google confirmed this in a blog post last year titled ‘Speed Matters‘, where they found that slowing down the results of search by 100 to 400 milliseconds resulted in 0.2% to 0.6% searches as a result of the slow load times. As a result, Google warns that the cost of slower […]

New Venture Digital Optimiser Partnership for Analytics

by Elly Gillis on

  We’re very please to announce that we have become the analytics partner agency with Venture Consulting who have created a new tool called ‘Digital Optimiser’. Digital Optimiser is designed to help company’s complete an independent 360° assessment of their digital strategy and online activity to: • Validate their digital strategy • Benchmark performance • Identify and prioritise specific opportunities for improvement • Improve ROMI The tool delivers an end-to-end assessment of current performance, highlighting exactly where money is being left on the table.  It also identifies how to drive performance, allocate […]

Media attribution: Top 10 pitfalls of generic models, why custom attribution is king

by Mitch Bain on
Purchase path

It wasn’t long ago when a Telco called 3 sponsored Australian Cricket and Vodafone delivered excellent coverage and customer service. Or when media attribution meant analysing the ‘last click’ as favoured by Google. These days, the last click attribution model is a dinosaur. Since every customer interacts with your brand in a different way, only giving recognition to the last click doesn’t take into account the full purchase path – all the steps along the way that influenced the customer to buy. That’s where media attribution comes in. Media attribution allows […]