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Datalicious Works With AMAA To Deliver Auto-Refresh Reporting As Part Of Web Audits

by Elly Gillis on
ricky chanana explains the importance of auto-refresh

The AMAA looks to bring transparency to the controversial topic of auto-refresh pages.   The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) announced yesterday that it has commenced reporting auto-refresh activity as part of its suite of website measurement metrics. The association looks to deliver further reporting and transparency for online publishers and advertisers when buying and selling advertising. Ricky Chanana (above), National Digital and Trading Director at Maxus and Chair of the Digital Working Committee at the AMAA, explains the importance of auto-refresh. “Bringing transparency to auto-refresh activity deals with […]

AMAA announces SuperTag as tag management partner for publisher audit service in Australia

by Elly Gillis on
AMAA logo

The Audited Media Association of Australia (AMAA) has announced Datalicious as one of its new technology partners. The AMAA will use our tag management platform, SuperTag, as a key component in their publisher audit service in Australia. The AMAA’s audited website measurement service is made up of four key elements; a tag management system, automated site scanning technology, an analytics platform, and audit services along with data reporting to ensure robust and consistent audited measurement. The tag management system will be SuperTag, which will enable the AMAA to control the deployment and activation […]

Identify and visualise suburbs with most profitable customers using RDA geoTribes and Tableau

by Christian Bartens on

Marketers often have a specific idea about the type of people they want to sell to, and now there is a way to find them. RDA Research has grouped Australian people over 18 into 15 distinct ‘geoTribes’ by using social status and more uniquely, by t…

WhereScape RED: Building enterprise grade data warehouses in the cloud just got quicker and easier

by Christian Bartens on

Our data team have just completed training on WhereScape RED, which is an amazing tool for building data warehouses. Datalicious will be using the tool to help our clients to combine complex data from multiple sources in one single Oracle data war…