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ADMA guest lecture slides on measurement and metrics at Multi-Channel Marketing Certificate

by Christian Bartens on

In this increasing complex media world, the ADMA Multi-Channel Marketing Certificate is an awesome foundation for any Marketer and teaches how to develop effective strategies in this environment. We especially like the course as we get to do a gue…

Wrapping up the latest chapter in Olympic history complete with Tableau data visualisation

by Christian Bartens on

Wait, are the Olympics over? That was fast! Now that all the races are run and the medals are won, who came out on top? Did Great Britain really get a home court advantage? Did Australia really crash out? For the uninitiated (and previously unconc…

Identify and visualise suburbs with most profitable customers using RDA geoTribes and Tableau

by Christian Bartens on

Marketers often have a specific idea about the type of people they want to sell to, and now there is a way to find them. RDA Research has grouped Australian people over 18 into 15 distinct ‘geoTribes’ by using social status and more uniquely, by t…