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Top 5 email marketing benchmarks for Australia and the rest of the world, see how you compare

by Christian Bartens on
Email marketing benchmark

How does my email campaign performance compare? We get that question all the time so we did a bit of research and compiled the best email marketing benchmarks for you. Check out the vendor reports with key metrics by country and industry below for a quick comparison. There are several metrics that you should pay attention to such as open rate, click-through rate and bounce rate. These stats help to determine how effective your email marketing campaigns are, but most importantly also allow you to compare your own figures against […]

Impact of website performance on overall conversion and cross browser/device display testing

by Christian Bartens on

We had a pretty interesting presentation from Gomez yesterday on the impact of site performance on overall conversion which is backed up by a Gartner report earlier in the year called E-Commerce Websites: Features That Make Consumers Buy. Key find…