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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Attending Customer 360 Data Symposium

by Elly Gillis on
Symposium 360 is being held in the Hunter Valley

Learn how to reach, engage and delight your customers at the Customer 360 Data Symposium.   The 2014 Customer 360 Data Symposium starts today in the Hunter Valley and runs through to April 9. The rapid growth of digital channels has changed the way brands interact with their communities. With an increasing focus on customer experience, brands are looking to differentiate themselves and create loyalty with their customers. If you’re not already attending, here’s four reminders why you should. Invite-only Delegates The Customer 360 Data Symposium is an invite-only event; […]

ad:tech Wrap: Smart Data Driven CRM for FMCG

by Daniel Dewar on
Datalicious solutions for RB CRM

Data helps us make decisions and boost marketing ROI. We can also use it to drive CRM segmentation strategy.   Our managing director Christan Bartens presented at the ad:tech Australia conference this week. Speaking with Andrew Wong, Reckitt Benckiser‘s Digital Strategy Manager, they presented their case study on creating a smart, data driven customer relationship manager (CRM) for FMCG clients. Reckitt Benckiser is the 17th largest advertising spender in Australia targeting all female grocery buyers. For those keeping count, that’s 3.5 million women aged 24-49. The challenge was to develop […]

Five Things You Can Look Forward To At ad:tech

by Christian Bartens on
ad tech interactive marketplace

With three weeks to go until the 2014 ad:tech conference, here are a few things to start getting excited about.   If ad:tech haven’t given you enough reasons to attend the 2014 conference, here’s a few more reminders: New Ideas For Old Problems (Forgive the shameless plug) I will be presenting with Andrew Wong, Digital Marketing Manager at Reckitt Benckiser. We will speak on how organisations can use data to run smarter, more targeted campaigns that can increase the bottom line. Datalicious and Reckitt Benckiser combined geo-demographics, retail transactions and […]

How to boost cross-channel marketing effectiveness through advanced targeting

by Christian Bartens on
Screen Shot 2013-05-20 at 9.55.21 AM

If we want to increase ROI and make our marketing dollars really count, we need to look at how we are maximising the usage of our data assets. Check out the below slides and Excel template from my recent presentation at the ADMA Data Day event in Melbourne and Sydney, to find out how you can start making the most of your data and prioritise your activities for maximum impact. The best way to increase ROI is usually to optimise the conversion funnel from the bottom up. Rather than direct all […]

ADMA guest lecture slides on measurement and metrics at Multi-Channel Marketing Certificate

by Christian Bartens on

In this increasing complex media world, the ADMA Multi-Channel Marketing Certificate is an awesome foundation for any Marketer and teaches how to develop effective strategies in this environment. We especially like the course as we get to do a gue…