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It’s Finally Here! Data Visualisation Tool Tableau Arrives On Mac!

by Priscilla Cheung on
tableau mac

After several delays, one of the world’s leading data visualisation and business intelligence tools arrive on Mac. As hardcore Tableau users, we received a wonderful surprise in our inbox this morning. An update from Tableau announcing that the data visualisation tool was finally available as a native desktop app on Mac as part of the Tableau 8.2 rollout. Tableau is an essential software for Datalicious. If we’re not using our own license for client data visualisations or dashboards and reporting, our clients will already be using it. It’s amazing how […]

Drive Marketing Strategies With Data Driven Storytelling

by Daniel Dewar on
datalicious visualisation for marketing strategies

Compelling narratives are essential to data visualisations and effective marketing strategies.   Yesterday I attended the event ‘Leveraging Data and Analytics to Drive Marketing Strategies’ held by Tableau at the Sheraton in Sydney. Presented by Tableau’s Sr Marketing Director Wade Tibke, it was an interesting look at not only how data can be used, but also why it should and the best way to present it. The Datalicious interactive visualisation for The Age on Melbourne’s most liveable suburbs was featured amongst the case studies. Granted, Tableau offered their own product […]

Boost Business Intelligence With These Tableau Dashboard Tips

by Will Hetherington on
tableau data visualisation

Tableau is a powerful business intelligence tool and great for data visualisation projects.   We use it often as part of our dashboards and data visualisation services. It’s an excellent way to produce simple graphic representations of complex datasets. For new users it can be daunting to try and wrap your head around it. Here are a few tips to help you ease into the world of Tableau. For an extended list, see 7B Software’s Mark Smith on his top ten Tableau tips. Use Excel for practice Instead of diving […]

Want to become a data master? Check out Datalicious’ favourite data analytics courses

by Christian Bartens on
Talk data to me

If you have the intention of working in a data and analytics role or maybe would like to join the Datalicious team at some stage, then the below data analytics courses might come in handy. Give yourself the best chance of being hired by completing one or more of the following free training courses that the Datalicious team members go through as well. There are courses ranging from web analytics over big data to statistics and predictive modelling. Data & technology JavaScript course by Codecademy – Knowledge and proficiency in […]

Wrapping up the latest chapter in Olympic history complete with Tableau data visualisation

by Christian Bartens on

Wait, are the Olympics over? That was fast! Now that all the races are run and the medals are won, who came out on top? Did Great Britain really get a home court advantage? Did Australia really crash out? For the uninitiated (and previously unconc…