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Increase Website Conversion Rate With Optimizely & SuperTag

by Jeremie Leca on

Optimizely helps to increase engagement, interactions, and website conversions. With SuperTag, implementing Optimizely on your site is easier than ever. What is Optimizely? Optimizely allows for A/B and multivariate testing technology which enables you to test the different variations of your website page to increase the conversion rate of the website. How does Optimizely work? Optimizely provides a small Javescript (JS) snippet which needs to be placed at the top (right under the head tag) of the website page. When a visitor requests for the page, the Optimizely JS code […]

SuperTag v2.7.8 Release

by Jeremie Leca on
previous deployment UI

On Wednesday April 9, the latest release of SuperTag was deployed. Key improvements for this update: greater QA testing capability with deployment control JS code improvement resulting in 10% lighter code You can now download your previous SuperTag deployments as well as see the previous version’s sources. Previous deployment interface in SuperTag   Updated deployment interface in SuperTag This provides another level of QA testing and security reporting for SuperTag. You can also download your project as a GIT repository should you wish to run your previous deployments vai GIT […]

Implementing Push Notifications To Drive Mobile Marketing

by Christian Bartens on

While investment in mobile marketing has seen an increase, mobile push notifications remains a largely unused channel of mobile strategy.   In a recent Forrester report titled ‘Push Mobile Engagement To The Next Level‘, push notifications are shown as being integral to mobile marketing strategy. In a recent blog post, we looked at the growth in mobile marketing and why this matters to your overall marketing strategy. Looking specifically at mobile marketing, push notifications are the next area of growth. Push notifications is an area for mobile marketing growth. While […]

The benefits of tag management: Must have for next generation websites and mobile apps

by Jeremie Leca on
Tag Management

Improve your website’s analytics and performance, both speed and conversions, with tag management. Tags are JavaScript code snippets embedded in the HTML that send and receive data from a website (and mobile apps). They not only allow digital marketers to monitor vistior behaviour such product preferences and sales but also enable them to enhance the user experience through targeting and testing. Problems without tag management While JavaScript tags are extremely useful, there are side effects to using them. Most tags, while simple during inception, are quite difficult and complex to code and […]

Online Marketer BootCamp presentation on the less obvious landing page optimisation tips and tricks

by Christian Bartens on

Are you an online marketer responsible for media budgets? Then you should at least have a quick look through the below slides (if you didn’t attend our session at the Online Marketer BootCamp last week) to make sure all that media spend doesn’t ju…