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Google Analytics Premium vs Adobe Site Catalyst, detailed comparison chart

by Elly Gillis on
GA Premium vs Site Catalyst

With Google Analytics Premium entering the APAC region we have received loads of questions on how it stacks up in comparison to current market leader, Adobe Site Catalyst.  So what has newcomer GA Premium brought to the table and should you think about switching? The main area for you to consider is whether a marketing automation or a customisable analytics tool is of more benefit to your organisation. Google Analytics main skill is online marketing analytics.This means Adwords, integration with Google Display Network and Media Attribution are all automatically available […]

New Venture Digital Optimiser Partnership for Analytics

by Elly Gillis on

  We’re very please to announce that we have become the analytics partner agency with Venture Consulting who have created a new tool called ‘Digital Optimiser’. Digital Optimiser is designed to help company’s complete an independent 360° assessment of their digital strategy and online activity to: • Validate their digital strategy • Benchmark performance • Identify and prioritise specific opportunities for improvement • Improve ROMI The tool delivers an end-to-end assessment of current performance, highlighting exactly where money is being left on the table.  It also identifies how to drive performance, allocate […]