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How to use unique phone numbers to improve customer experience and boost website conversion

by Christian Bartens on

I’ve been meaning to write about the power of unique phone numbers in optimising user experience and campaign conversion for a while now and the below research published on Reuters has finally provided me with the right ammunition! According to th…

ADMA Digital Certificate guest lecture slides on analytics and how to generate insights from data

by Christian Bartens on

Below are the slides on tracking and analytics from our guest lecture at the ADMA Digital Certificate last night including links to useful tools online. Thanks again for listening to all who attended, here are again the key points. Key steps to de…

Stop misallocating media budgets using multi-channel media attribution with Google Analytics

by Christian Bartens on

Update: Video on new Google Analytics multi-channel funnel reports Thanks to Google we’re all used to measuring campaigns on a ‘last click gets all the credit’ basis (or occasionally first click). That is, all conversions (i.e. sales, leads, form …