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Twitter announces Twitter Cards analytics. What does this mean for your content?

by Daniel Dewar on

With the release of Twitter Cards analytics, how will this improve content across the platform?   Twitter announced the rollout of Twitter Cards Analytics, an analytics tool that will give users and brands insight into the performance of their content on the platform. The dashboard will use personalised data and best practice tips, revealing how users can improve key metrics such as retweets, URL clicks and app installs. Publishers will now be able to better see the performance of their Tweets A main feature of the tool will be the [...]

A data visualisation to divide the nation: Analysing Tweets for SBS’s Go Back series #gobacksbs

by Christian Bartens on

SBS’s remarkable reality TV series on refugees and asylum seekers called Go Back exploded on Twitter with over 36,000 Tweets last week. We thought it would be cool to analyse the Tweets and try distill the sentiment of a nation (or at least the Tw…