Trendwatching: 10 Crucial Consumer Trends for 2010

by Christian Bartens on

Check out‘s latest trend briefing, which highlights 10 trends for 2010.

1. BUSINESS AS UNUSUAL | Forget the recession: the societal changes that will dominate 2010 were set in motion way before we temporarily stared into the abyss.

2. URBANY | Urban culture is the culture. Extreme urbanization, in 2010, 2011, 2012 and far beyond will lead to more sophisticated and demanding consumers around the world.

3. REAL-TIME REVIEWS | Whatever it is you’re selling or launching in 2010, it will be reviewed ‘en masse’, live, 24/7.

4. (F)LUXURY | Closely tied to what constitutes status, which itself is becoming more fragmented, luxury will be whatever consumers want it to be over the next 12 months.

5. MASS MINGLING | Online lifestyles are fueling ‘real world’ meet-ups like there’s no tomorrow, shattering all predictions about a desk-bound, virtual, isolated future.

6. ECO-EASY | To really reach some meaningful sustainability goals in 2010, corporates and governments will have to forcefully make it ‘easy’ for consumers to be more green, by restricting the alternatives.

7. TRACKING & ALERTING | Tracking and alerting are the new search, and 2010 will see countless new INFOLUST services that will help consumers expand their web of control.

8. EMBEDDED GENEROSITY | Next year, generosity as a trend will adapt to the zeitgeist, leading to more pragmatic and collaborative donation services for consumers.

9. PROFILE MYNING | With hundreds of millions of consumers now nurturing some sort of online profile, 2010 will be a good year to help them make the most of it (financially), from intention-based models to digital afterlife services.

10. MATURIALISM | 2010 will be even more opinionated, risque, outspoken, if not ‘raw’ than 2009; you can thank the anything-goes online world for that. Will your brand be as daring?

Check out the full trend briefing here


thehoxtonprophet responded:

What a load of crap. The thing about looking into a crystal is no one usually remembers what you’ve said and take you to task when none of your predictions come through.But the way this is expressed, is so cringeworthy. Not only is the list a bunch of buzz-word driven pseudo science, the earnest statements like "Will your brand be as daring?" smack of bullshit.

Christian Bartens responded:

<html><body bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><div>LOL, nice comment, kind of have to agree but funnily enough as soon as the ‘trends’ are in the subject line the tweets get retweeted like crazy.<br><br><div><br></div></div><div><br></div></body></html>

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